SamsonMedia x Two Hat - SamsonMedia Helps Two Hat Improve Sales Efficiency with HubSpot

About Two Hat

Two Hat Security, recently acquired by Microsoft, provides AI-powered content moderation software that protects social media, kids platform, and video game users from online bullying.

Industry: Computer Software
Company Size: 51-200 Employees
Location: Canada
Use Case: 
  • CRM Configuration
  • Integrations
  • Rep Training


  • Consulting

HubSpot Products

  • CRM
  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub

Result: Improved sales process and collaboration between customer-facing teams.


After migrating to HubSpot from their previous CRM, Two Hat encountered multiple challenges, including a clunky sales process, various apps that didn’t communicate, and poor adoption among their sales team.

With a lackluster sales process and poor adoption, Two Hat saw leads and deals slipping through the cracks, and sales team members were beginning to become frustrated; having essential apps not communicate clogged their sales process even more.

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Product Library

Building a product library in HubSpot Sales Hub provided the sales team with an easier method of quoting prospects. This data could then be pulled into PandaDocs when writing quotes and proposals.

App Integrations

Ensuring Two Hat’s integrations worked properly allowed team members to complete the sales process entirely within the HubSpot platform resulting in minimized downtime.

Rep Training

To increase adoption of the CRM and Sales Hub, we provided Two Hat’s sales team with group training where we shared documented processes on HubSpot best practices as well as utilizing their new product library.


With these solutions in place, Two Hat increased efficiency within its sales process and collaboration between its customer-facing teams.


With HubSpot, your customer-facing teams can confidently and harmoniously work towards company goals. This means quicker results, more transparency into business gaps, and stronger strategic pivots.

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