The Top 6 Best Podcasts for Craft Beer Marketing

Your craft beer marketing is one of the most important aspects you can focus on when it comes to your brewery’s growth, reputation, and customer loyalty. Marketing is pivotal to your brewery’s success, from startup to seasoned veterans.

In this day and age, there are many mediums through which you can promote your beer and your brewery. From social media, blogger outreach, events, PR, and more, there are many options for getting the word out about your product.

We’ve sorted through the 500,000 podcasts available on Apple, so you don’t have to. Here are the six best podcasts for craft beer marketing.

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From the website: Welcome to the Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast. Listen as we talk with brewers from all corners of the beer world, from brewpubs and breweries of all sizes, from across the country.

Published by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, their podcast provides listeners with an in-depth analysis of the art of brewing and the craft beer business. Each week, listeners can expect discussions with brewery pros and industry insiders covering brewery tech, tips and tricks for brewing, and highlights from the world of beer.

Beer is a business, and the Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast is a resource for brewers, brewery owners, and prospective craft beer entrepreneurs. Since 2010, CBC’s Craft Beer & Brewing has set the standard for industry news and analysis, providing readers and listeners with in-depth reporting and commentary on the craft brewing industry. The same high-quality coverage, insightful advice, and first-hand brewery interviews are available on the Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast.

From the website: Award-winning interviews with a wide spectrum of people working in, and around, the beer industry. We balance the culture of craft beer with the businesses it supports, and examine the tenacity of its ideals.

Good Beer Hunting is hosted by Jonny Garrett, beer writer and co-founder of the website and podcast. It provides insights on topics related to the industry, such as marketing and brewmasters, and interviews that include a variety of exciting guests.

Jonny Garrett and Good Beer Hunting have a different approach than most beer podcasts. Instead of focusing on the brewery as the main topic, Garrett interviews various others involved in the beer industry, including brewmasters, writers, designers, and business owners. Garrett often focuses more on the stories of the guests he is interviewing rather than their craft beer expertise.

From the website: The Brewbound Podcast is an extension of Brewbound’s leading B2B beer industry reporting, featuring interviews with beer industry executives and entrepreneurs, along with highlights and commentary from the weekly news.

Brewbound is a B2B publication with a broad reach in the U.S. beer industry, covering every corner of the industry. The B2B podcast connects the beer industry’s brightest minds and innovative minds with news analysis, commentary, and interviews.

Navigating the beer industry can be challenging – that’s where the Brewbound Podcast comes in. Each week, the hosts interview leaders of craft beer brands, brewery startups, and established industry veterans to share their insights on what’s happening in the world of beer.

From the website: Beer gurus Augie Carton (Carton Brewing) and John Holl (author/beer writer) get to the bottom of the day’s most pressing craft beer issues with help from opinionated brewer friends, know-it-all barkeeps, and smarmy industry insiders. For each episode, Augie and John will blind-taste and dissect two beers on-air (provided by that episode’s guest) while discussing current beer topics, news, and styles.

The Steal This Beer podcast is a ground-breaking blend of beer tasting, education, and entertainment. Hosts Augie Carton (Carton Brewing), John Holl, and special guests conduct entertaining and informative blind tastings of craft beers while exploring current brewing topics, news, and styles. The podcast is recorded in front of a live audience at various bars, breweries, and events.

The magic of Steal This Beer is not just in the special guests, the fascinating blind beer tasting, or the lively discussions. It’s the ability to engage directly with listeners in a live setting and feel their energy – cheering and jeering – like being at a sporting event.

From the website: The podcast that made Milwaukee famous.

From SamsonMedia’s home state, the Tap Takeover Podcast is a Milwaukee, WI-based podcast that journeys to breweries for conversations with beer tenders, distributors, traders, and drinkers.

In search of the most wondrous stories and conversations, the Tap Takeover Podcast travels throughout the Midwest to meet the people involved in craft beer. If you’re a beer drinker or just interested in hearing stories from different perspectives within this industry, the Tap Takeover Podcast is an entertaining listen.

From the website: Every week, Drink Beer, Think Beer touches on all aspects of the brewing industry. From ingredients and process, to philosophy and the art in each beer, the podcast is hosted by long-time journalist John Holl and is available on all the major podcast platforms. Beer Edge releases new episodes of Drink Beer, Think Beer with John Holl every Wednesday.

Drink Beer, Think Beer is a weekly podcast recorded on location with brewers, growers, and other brewing industry experts exploring craft beer’s art, culture, and business. Hosted by John Holl and featuring brews from local and national breweries, this podcast gets to the bottom of every pint, offers insight into the world of brewing—from the inside out, and explores the dynamic drink we love with craft beer lovers and industry professionals.

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