How To Get Hired In The Marketing Industry

Getting your foot in the door and making a career in marketing is competitive. However, if you follow the steps outlined below, you can be sure to land that dream job. It’s all about marketing yourself for the appropriate position.

Identify the Roles You Want

Before drafting your resume for job applications, you need to ask yourself: What type of roles in marketing do I see myself in? The career opportunities in this industry are extensive so you need to narrow your options down significantly.

Doing a self-assessment and identifying the roles that motivate you is of utmost importance. Review the current jobs on the market and determine which aspects of marketing pique your interest.

Are you more inclined towards the analytical side of marketing or the creative side? It could be both!

It is recommended for you to make a list of all the activities you see yourself doing in marketing. For example, I want to:

  • Be a team player
  • Create analytical content
  • Tell compelling stories
  • Engage in market research

Having such clarity will help you identify the roles in the market that best suit your interest and skills.

Finding Jobs in Marketing

Googling for vacancies is easy but you may want to opt for specialized job sites for best results.

Head over to the marketing jobs section of Glassdoor and Indeed to start the hunt. The best feature about these sites is that you can filter search results by company size, location, salary, etc. Plus, take note of the ‘suggested jobs’ that appear during your search.

Checking out the ‘career’ section of company websites is another fine option. Get to know what kinds of marketing roles they offer and which ones suit you best.

Marketing Yourself

Don’t send that resume just yet! There are more aspects that need tweaking.

Apart from your cover letter and job application, there are other ways to increase your chances of landing that job. Enhancing your ‘marketability’ will prove that you are marketing material.

The first thing to remember is to keep your digital footprint flawless. Review all of your social media accounts to ensure that they reflect a consistent and positive image. Checking the online presence of candidates is common for managers nowadays.

Moreover, according to the roles you are pursuing, it is advisable to create samples of your work. It could be leaflets, advertisements or a campaign that you thought of. Opt for workshops and training sessions which will allow you to make a great marketing portfolio.

These tricks will help you go beyond your resume and stand out of the crowd.

Expect a Dynamic Journey

Navigating through the marketing industry is one of the most exciting prospects in the professional world. The ride is bumpy but very satisfying if you have a game plan like the one talked about in this post.

Whether you are an analytical person or a creative, there is a job in marketing for you!