Two Beer, wine, and spirits businesses betting on #DryJanuary

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Whistlepig Whiskey

This week, WhistlePig Whiskey released two non-alcoholic whiskeys in a rather successful attempt to participate in #DryJanuary. Their first batch of 1,000 bottles sold out in less than 24 hours.

They’ll be sending the proceeds to the Bartenders’ Guild to help out those mixologists facing underemployment from Covid-19 closures.

Athletic Brewing Company

Athletic corners the non-alcoholic craft beer category with a 45% share. As they focus on positioning this annual trend “as an all-out party,” by introducing a 30 pack that helps those taking part to enjoy “the full experience of having a beer without missing a beat,” as said on their website.

However, even though interest in the movement has spiked an additional 6% among US adults, according to a survey from Morning Consult, not everybody is completely cutting out booze.

NielsenIQ finds that among non-alcoholic beer and spirit buyers, 78% continue to purchase drinks containing alcohol, opting for more of a moderated approach instead of abstinence.

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